is the part of the third largest Japanese corporation. As a logistics division, it is responsible for the flow of material and goods within all corporate processes while ensuring logistics processes to third parties.

We specialize in optimizing logistics processes for our clients in order to find ways for possible savings, to analyse processes, and implement this help.
We also provide our clients with standard logistics services.
SGL EUROPE currently offers to clients the possibility to use logistics chain optimization services, where its part is free logistics audit of the company.

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your logistics chain and reduce its costs, both fixed and variable.

The second part of our offer is the current opportunity to use the extended warehouse services of our company. Warehouses is in the industrial park of Borská Pole in Pilsen, and their current capacity is 30,000 m2. Except storage services we provide the clients with value added services - detailed warehouse management, MilkRun, Kanban, Lean, 6S and others. You can find more information on the company's website.

SUMITOMO corporation

Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to cooperate with the parent company SUMITOMO, which is one of the 3 the largest of its kind in Japan and one of the largest in the world. SUMITOMO CORPORATION offers a broad portfolio of products and services in most of the world's destinations, including the industrial areas of Asia Pacific, the USA, the Middle East and others.

Pre-production and Production Logistics - Supply chain management

Project management for manufacturing companies maximises efficiencies for each operation. It continuously links the warehouse and production operations. The world's leading equipment manufacturer wanted once to improve storage and logistics for their production plant in the Czech Republic. The manufacturer has found Sumis Global Logistics Europe, our branch in Pilsen, which has all needed specialized knowledge, meeting also all high standards of environmental protection

Sumisho Global Logistics in the Borská pole Industrial Park

The Japanese logistics company Sumisho Global Logistics Europe (SGL Europe) uses warehouse space, offering enough space to cover the expansion of the company and its existing and new clients. Compared to other logistics companies, SGL Europe focuses on finding savings in complex logistics chains and provides both consultancy and implementation support in this segment. Thanks to this strategy, the company has been at the stage of permanent growth since the beginning of its business. The growth was not slowed down by the global economic crisis, but accelerated.

SGL Europe

is the part of one of the largest corporations of Japan and the world, Sumitomo Corporation. It provides support in almost all destinations in the world, not only on domestic and European markets, thanks to a strong corporate network. A particularly strong network has been built on the markets of Southeast Asia and Japan, where the company operates 17 own Industrial Zones located in majority of industrial areas of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and other countries. A managed warehouse in Sumis Global Logistics is SappyWMS

A managed warehouse in Sumis Global Logistics is SappyWMS

SGL Europe (Sumisho Global Logistics Europe GmbH) is the leading logistics company running one of of its branches in Pilsen in the Borská pole Industrial Park. The main customer of this branch is the Japanese company Daikin Industries Czech, where SGL Europe provides material logistics. SGL Europe has chosen SappyWMS system from Pilsen company AIMTEC, Plc. to improve the warehouse management.

SGL Europe with a branch office in the Borská pole Industrial Park

is a European subsidiary of Japan Sumisho Global Logistics, which provides full logistics services not only for the parent company Sumitomo Corporation, but also for growing number of manufacturing and trading companies worldwide.
The parent company of Sumitomo Corporation has already existed for more than 400 years and today it is one of the world's leading business company with a range of successful business interests all over world.