the assembly of production parts saves time and work space

Light assembly, completion Other SGL warehouse activity is the completion of some production parts. Therefore, the customer may ask to assemble, for example, 3 to 4 individual parts together, mostly it is gluing, soldering or screwing.
Thanks to this forward part of the production the operators have easier work, saved time and work space.

SGL company also ensures the assembly (completion) of manual sets. Operators wrappe instructions for use, decals, and some small parts, that are packed to the product (in the case of DAIKIN to the air-conditioning unit) in plastic packaging. The manufacturer then only adds a complete manual set to the product.

With all these logistics activities SGL significantly saves client´s time, workforce and space requirements. SGL prepares a complete logistics exactly according the requirements. SGL logistics company works continuously on three shifts with roughly two hundred of operators. It provides third parties with storage space on the area of 30000 m2.