Supply Chain Management

We have created a simple and efficient logistics solution that is reflected in costs, time and space savings for companies. Our solution is a unique combination of the following three processes that together created a strong system that can work in almost any field in the manufacturing industry.

Management departments for manufacturing enterprises and maximum efficiency for each operation directly connects the warehouse and production operations. When the world's leading air-conditioning maker wanted to solve the logistics for its production facility in the Czech Republic, he addressed Sumis Global Logistics Europe, which had all the expertise to meet all special demands, such as the high environmental standards.

HEIJUNKA - treatment of processes

We have achieved a constant, continuous supply of parts to the assembly line through the following measures:

  • Fixed time horizon for parts delivery to the warehouse
  • Three-shift system within 24 hours
  • Simple manufacturing operations
  • Every 80 minutes, the proper parts for the exact number of products as required by customers are delivered to the production line, at the right time every 24 hours a day

HYOUJYUNKA - standardized operation procedure

Our standardized operating process ensures that everyone in the warehouse knows exactly what to do and when to do it - including quantity and quality controls. This is essential to maintain efficient logistics and production.

DOUKIKA - synchronized logistics of production lines

It is a system that ensures that only the parts going to be used are delivered to the warehouse and to the production line. We use cards (barcode labels) with electronic data to ensure smooth and flexible logistics across all delivery, shipment and warehouse processes. Our processes must provide a smooth connection to the production line.

Results and benefits

After total process alignment, the warehouse is linked directly to the factory production. Constant loop delivery allows production lines to run seamlessly without interruption. All unnecessary downtime has been eliminated through optimization with efficiency across all operations on the production line. The exact, balanced quantity of parts required for each timeframe of production in only a minimal amount from local and world suppliers must always be in the factory at one point.
Other improvements in production include:

  • Savings in costs, time and space - Component delivery now synchronized with production
  • Reduction of waiting times and production increase
  • Maximized assembly line space
  • Production stability - sufficient number of parts means no downtime of the production line
  • More flexible, responsive reaction to changing customer demands
  • Improved information management
  • Focus on priorities such as production and design
In the storage:
  • Time and space savings
  • Effective, time-based shuttle service
  • Improvement in packing, unloading and loading
  • Reduced inventory and overhead costs
  • More accurate inventory, improved quality management, better information management
  • Reduced waste - friendlier to environment
Precise as the best watch - this is our pre-production and production logistics. We are proposing actively new processes that add value to future customer business. Through continuous improvement the customer can achieve more efficient logistics operations across their entire supply chain. Such results are possible in most manufacturing companies. If you would like to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.